"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD,..."
(Proverbs 19:17-NIV)

 Hyacinth's Independent/Transitional Living Home. Inc 


Customer Testimonials

"I owned several homes, Time Shares and land. I also owned a business. Then came one of the dreaded nightmares of Life-DIVORCE. I lost everything rather than go through the trauma and cost of a long drawn out hostile court battle. My contention was I could not place those things in a U-Haul to my grave. While this was sound logic, the reality became clear: where was I going to live in the NOW? The answer was obvious-I was homeless,   unemployed and broke. Thanks to Hyacinth, I was given a SECOND CHANCE to emerge from my humiliation and build a new future. For that reason, I am happy to join forces with Hyacinth's Independent/Transitional Living Home, committed to reaching out and providing a Second Chance to individuals confronted with  similar or different unfortunate circumstances.
RGJ - Realtor - Fairfax Realty


I came to this country as an immigrant on the urging of a family member.  Once here, my dreams for a better life soon became a nightmare.  The mass exploitation and awful treatment that was encountered, quickly forced me to abandon my relative's house and seek shelter any how I could.  In essence, I became homeless in a strange country with no friends or other family members to turn to.  My life took a personal turnaround when I came in contact with Miss Hyacinth.  She took me into her home as a stranger, with her children.  She treated me with dignity and respect, while enabling me to get on my feet. Presently I have my own business and achieved complete independence and self sufficiency.  Thanks to Ms Hyacinth, who remains closer to me than a sister.  That is why I am recommending Hyacinth's Independent/Transitional Home, which I encouraged her to establish based on her genuine love and caring for people.

- Lucy Bernard Smith,Owner-  Lucy's Catering Services